CROSS-COUNTRY (traditional timing)–$200 service fee  + expenses

WRESTLING–$200 service fee per day + expenses

TRACK & FIELD–$200 service fee + expenses

$200 service fee + operational expenses (staffing, M & IE, supplies, mileage, and lodging)

My accountant had me restructure my fee schedule to meet the IRS definition of a business, not a hobby.  The IRS allows a business to deduct expenses, but not hobbies.  In 2019, I deducted all of my start-up costs – which is subject to audit.  Therefore, I need to establish a fee schedule that – on an event-by-event basis – ensures that the fee charged covers the operational expenses and service fee obligations (recouping sunk costs – equipment, website subscriptions, software updates – are not part of the equation).

This is why we need to have a discussion prior to a quote being submitted. 

 NOTE—special requests (e.g., chip timing) must be explicitly stated in the quote request which may increase the cost considerably. 

I need to know the time-frame, specific services to provide, what staffing needs exist, and other relevant circumstances impacting the quote.  Mileage and M & IE rates are determined by the GOA  Services provided vary per event – nevertheless, the job duties are outlined in the current edition of the NFHS rules book and official’s manual.

EXAMPLE—let’s say I am asked to do a meet in Chinle (75 miles away)

REQUIRING LODGING & STAFFING            NO LODGING OR STAFFING                                               

$200                service fee                                $200

$150                staffing                                    NA

$42                  mileage                                    $42

$41.25             M & IE                                     $41.25

$96                  Lodging                                   NA

$10                  Supplies                                   $10

$539.25             Total                                        $293.25

$550                QUOTED PRICE                     $300

When comparing quotes —  A school-based enterprise is where you hire a crew from a nearby school  (which I operated out of Monument Valley High School from 2001-2016).  may not disclose this in  the quote — All of the equipment is the school’s, and by state law (ARS 15-1105) not only is the host school responsible for paying the individuals for providing services, the school providing the equipment has to be compensated as well.  I had our entry fee waived for the meet to meet this requirement

All in all, I can structure my fee schedule to be far below any school-based enterprise.  Furthermore, I have never turned back an assignment.  Three times in 2019-20 I filled-in for a school-based enterprise that turned back their assignment.