Lastly, Greg Wayne and his meet management staff, did an outstanding job of running the 1A/2A/3A meet. Races went off one right after another without any delays. Some said, it reminded them of the Penn Relays in it’s efficiency. Greg deserves a heartfelt, “Thanks, and a job well done,” by all who had the pleasure to attend, as well as compete!

Mike Elder Athletic Director
Northland Prep Academy

I’ll say the same, in spades! Mike and I are both veterans of the 1A 5:00 p.m. – 1:15 a.m. prelims debacle in 2007, and I feared something similar might happen this time given the number of teams. My fears were totally unfounded, as the change of schedule (same schedule each day, flip-flop the genders) worked to near perfection, with each of the three sessions starting EXACTLY on time and finishing early. When does THAT ever happen?
Great weekend of nothing but track, now back to the real world.

Bruce Wilkenson Gilbert Christian Academy
President—Arizona Track and Cross-Country Coaches Association

I don’t know gwayne and have probably never met him. But I applaud those men/women who invest so much of their time (and possibly money) into facilitating quality track meets. I assume that gwayne is not currently coaching but has accepted the role of hosting quality track meets in his part of the state. Nothing irks me more than paying good money for an invitational, only to find that the guy(s) running the meet are clueless. Obviously, we don’t return.
For all those coaches/ex-coaches that contribute so much to facilitating quality meets, I applaud you.


I agree with all of the above.


I’m glad to see that Greg Wayne is getting recognition for the great job he has consistently performed over the many years he has been involved in track and field. I know that he competed for the U of A as a distance runner and has coached in the past. I met Greg when I first returned to AZ eight years ago when I took my team to the state meet in Queen Creek. He was the 1A/3A state meet director, and has held that position since last year. With the AIA now going to one site for the state meet, 10m hoping that Greg will still be involved, since heOs a stickler for details! And I might add… a heck of a nice guy!


GREG–thank-you for coming down on such short notice.  you did great and saved our bacon.

Baldy Castillo meet

Got a good laugh with the Amway joke! We would definitely like to see the NAU meet brought back.


Thank you so much for your help with the computer system at our lost two track meets in page, if I wasn’t for your at our invite, we would have had to hard time.
Thanks again! See ya next year

Carol martin

Ditto! We couldn’t have done it without you


Just a quick note to say “Thank you” to much for your help during our last two meets. We definitely would have been lost without !!


Enjoy your summer all you @ the ms wrestling meet in December

Suzanne Mcclelland

GREG-sorry we had to cancel our meet here in Gallup.  I appreciate your professionalism and depth of knowledge.  looking forward to next year


You guys always put on a great meet (Arizona 3A state wrestling tournament)

Tom WokaschThe Inside Trip